Speaker: Marina Moore

PhD Candidate @NYU & Tech Lead for CNCF's TAG Security

Marina Moore is a PhD candidate at NYU Tandon’s Secure Systems Lab doing research focused on secure software updates and software supply chain security. She is a maintainer of many open source projects including The Update Framework (TUF), Uptane, in-toto, and Sigstore. She also is a Tech Lead for the CNCF's TAG Security where she has contributed to the TAG Security Whitepaper and the Software Supply Chain Security Best Practices paper.


Securing the Software Supply Chain: How in-toto and TUF Work Together to Combat Supply Chain Attacks

Software supply chain attacks have seen a 742% increase in the last three years. in-toto is a battle-tested and broadly deployed CNCF incubated project that counters these threats.

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Tuesday Jun 13 / 05:25PM EDT ( 50 minutes )


Dumbo / Navy Yard


Software Supply Chain Security secure software updates End-to-end software supply chain security