Speaker: Peter Lawrey

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CEO @Chronicle_SW

Peter Lawrey is a Java champion and the CEO of Chronicle Software, driven by his passion for inspiring developers to elevate the craftsmanship of their solutions. As a seasoned software engineer, Peter strives to encourage simplicity, performance, creativity, and innovation in the software development process.

With over 13,000 Java and JVM answers on StackOverflow.com, Peter has established himself as a go-to expert. His widely-read blog, "Vanilla Java," boasts over 4 million views and offers valuable insights into the world of Java programming.


Maximizing Performance and Efficiency in Financial Trading Systems through Vertical Scalability and Effective Testing

In the fast-paced world of financial trading, speed, and efficiency are essential. To achieve this, vertical scalability is crucial in order-processing systems. However, achieving vertical scalability can be a significant challenge for developers. That's why testing is critical.

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Wednesday Jun 14 / 10:35AM EDT ( 50 minutes )


Dumbo / Navy Yard