Scaling Organizations with Platform Engineering

Engineering organizations are often incentivized to prioritize short-term growth over long-term needs, leading to socio-technical consequences such as tech debt, organization siloes, and attrition. This talk focuses on how Platform Engineering can drive sustainability for growing organizations through DevOps principles, centralization, and scalable technical practices.

We'll cover these topics through the lens of standardization and provide guidance on when Platform Engineering is a practical approach. Using my experience at small and mid-size startups and large companies, we'll discuss what it means to build a sustainable organization and the natural evolution and role platform engineering plays in that organizational need. By the end of the talk, attendees will understand how Platform Engineering can provide long-term benefits to growing organizations so that short-term growth doesn't come at the expense of long-term sustainability.


Lesley Cordero

Staff Engineer @nytimes

Lesley Cordero is currently a Staff Software Engineer, Tech Lead at The New York Times. She has spent the majority of her career on edtech teams as an engineer, including Google for Education and other edtech startups.

In her current role, she is focused on observability, shared platforms, and building excellent teams by setting reliability vision & strategy across The Times, improving our observability footprint, and cultivating culture that builds with the most vulnerable employees in mind first. She shows care for others by holding them accountable to the best versions of themselves – and by buying them the occasional bubble tea.

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Thursday Jun 15 / 02:55PM EDT ( 50 minutes )


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