From Smoothie Architecture to Layer Cake with Durable Execution

Traditional cloud applications tend to mix up several core concerns, such as business logic, state management, and handling of failures, into a ‘Smoothie’ architecture, which greatly impedes their development and evolution. Ideally, we want these concerns to be organized into a ‘Layer Cake’ architecture, for better separation of them and for easier development. In this talk Sergey will show how Durable Execution of Temporal enables such a transition and makes building scalable distributed applications qualitatively easier.


Sergey Bykov

SDE @Temporal Technologies

Sergey Bykov is responsible for the architecture of Temporal Cloud, a hosted service that is helping businesses, from large enterprises to tiny startups, to build invincible applications. Prior to joining Temporal Sergey was one of the founders of the Orleans project at Microsoft Research and led its development for over a decade. The mediocre state of developer tools for cloud services and distributed systems at the time inspired him to join the Orleans project in order to qualitatively improve developer productivity in that area. The same passion brought him to Temporal.

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Thursday Jun 15 / 04:10PM EDT ( 50 minutes )


Salon A-C


Cloud Distributed Systems Developer Productivity


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