Speaker: William Chen

Director and Technical Fellow @BlackRock

Will is a Director and Technical Fellow in the Aladdin Wealth™ business within the Aladdin organization at BlackRock. Aladdin® is BlackRock’s investment and risk management technology platform that unifies the investment management process. Aladdin Wealth™ is BlackRock’s wealth tech business, offering a lineup of technology products serving private banks, retail banks, and independent wealth managers globally. Will’s team is responsible for building the core financial capabilities of the Aladdin Wealth™ product as services and libraries, including the underlying high-scale portfolio risk calculation and optimization engines.

Will personally wrote many of the original components of the Aladdin Wealth™  product as Spring servers and Spark jobs, including the underlying calculation engines analyzing millions of portfolios daily. He is passionate about performance and heap usage, and he was responsible for many of the key scale innovations and optimizations that enable fast and highly available APIs within the Aladdin Wealth™ platform.

Will started his career at BlackRock as an analyst in the Portfolio Analytics Group.


Portfolio Analysis at Scale: Running Risk and Analytics on 15+ Million Portfolios Every Day

In finance, many common calculations are more or less just linear algebra – but at a massive scale and done very fast.

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Wednesday Jun 14 / 05:25PM EDT ( 50 minutes )


Dumbo / Navy Yard


Fintech Scale Portfolios Performance