Speaker: Jenna Zeigen

Staff Engineer @Slack


One morning, Jenna awoke to find that she had transformed into a programmer, and she’s been psyched about coding ever since. Now she’s a Staff Engineer at Slack where she’s on the Client Performance Infrastructure team, making Slack faster every day and building a performance culture rooted in understanding the inner-workings of the systems the app is built on. Outside of this, Jenna has been an organizer of several JavaScript communities and gets immense joy out of explaining complex topics in unique ways.


Several Components are Rendering: Client Performance at Slack-Scale

Our users expect the interactions in our applications and websites to be fast, no matter how complicated they are under the hood. In this talk, we’ll explore some frontend performance issues encountered by Slack as they continue to grow and evolve the desktop app.

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Tuesday Jun 13 / 02:55PM EDT ( 50 minutes )


Salon A-C